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SESIR Codes & Definitions
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About SESIR – School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting

School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting grew out of the public’s concern that children be safe in the school environment. In 1995-96 in response to this concern, the SESIR system was initiated to enable schools to track incidents and analyze patterns of violent, criminal or disruptive activity. The intent is for there to be complete and objective data from which to design interventions to improve the learning environment. SESIR operates at the school, district and state levels. School-level data are sent to the district in a standardized format and in turn, the district sends data to the Department of Education (DOE) where it is compiled into an annual report. This report presents the frequency of the SESIR incidents by district and for the state as a whole. Additionally, the disciplinary actions associated with the incidents are reported.

The School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting System collects data on 26 incidents of crime, violence, and disruptive behaviors that occur on school grounds, on school transportation, and at off-campus, school-sponsored events, during any 24-hour period, 365 days per year. Incidents are reported by schools to the districts which, in turn, provide the data to the DOE.

SESIR takes a comprehensive look at serious crime and violence on the school campus. The included incidents relate to:

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