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SESIR Codes & Definitions
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Sexual Battery

Sexual Battery (Rape) (SXB) - Level I


Forced or attempted oral, anal, or vaginal penetration by using a sexual organ or an object simulating a sexual organ, or the anal or vaginal penetration of another by any body part or foreign object. Both males and females can be victims of sexual battery.


  • Student or other raping someone.
  • Student or other attempting to rape someone.


  • Students engaging in consensual sex acts. (Consensual sex is not Sexual Battery. Refer to Sexual Offenses (Other) as a possible SESIR code).
  • Student or other threatening to rape someone. (Refer to Sexual Assault as a possible SESIR code.)

Additional Guidelines

Note: This is a "Violent Incident" and must be reported in the related element "Injury-Related." 


If a student commits a Level 1 incident such as Sexual Battery, are we to first consult with law enforcement and then make a determination as to whether an official report should be written? 

  • Level 1 incidents are generally violent offenses. The district school board determines which SESIR incidents require consultation with law enforcement, and that information is required to be included in the district's zero tolerance policy. Once law enforcement is contacted, they would make the determination whether an official report should be written.


  • 794 Sexual Battery


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