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SESIR Codes & Definitions
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Alcohol (ALC) - Level IV


Possession, sale, purchase, distribution, or use of alcoholic beverages. Use means the person is caught in the act of using, admits to use or is discovered to have used in the course of an investigation. Alcohol incidents cannot be Drug-related.


  • Student testing positive for alcohol by law enforcement.
  • Student possessing, using, or selling alcohol.


  • Student suspected of using alcohol without evidence.
  • Student smelled of alcohol who after investigation, was found to be diabetic.

Additional Guidelines

Law enforcement should be notified if someone in authority observes a student who exhibits signs of possible intoxication. Particular attention should be given to possible intoxication and driving situations. Law enforcement should be notified when someone who appears to be intoxicated is observed getting into the driver's seat, or getting out of a car after being seen driving it. A trained law enforcement officer should conduct the assessment if possible. Since some medical conditions present similar signs as intoxication, it is important that a thorough assessment is completed.

Note: Alcohol incidents must also be reported in the related element "Alcohol-Related"


If a student admits to using alcohol, even if there is no physical evidence, could it qualify as a SESIR incident?

  • Yes, this can be considered a SESIR Alcohol incident, but no arrest could be made (without the physical evidence). Including these incidents in SESIR gives a more accurate picture of alcohol incidents on campus and resulting disciplinary actions.


  • 562.111 Possession of alcoholic beverages by persons under age 21 prohibited
  • 856.011 Disorderly intoxication


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