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SESIR Codes & Definitions
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Drug Sale


The manufacture, cultivation, purchase, sale, or distribution of any drug, narcotic, controlled substance or substance represented to be a drug, narcotic, or controlled substance.


  • Student passing a marijuana cigarette around in the school bathroom.
  • Student giving prescription drugs prescribed for someone else to another.
  • Student selling cocaine to another.
  • Student or other misrepresenting substances as illegal drugs.


  • Students taking medication prescribed for themselves.
  • Student giving an aspirin or other over-the-counter medication to another in dosage prescribed.
  • Student smoking a marijuana cigarette alone (refer to Drug Use/ Possession, DRU).
  • Student found with a single marijuana cigarette in backpack (refer to Drug Use/ Possession, DRU).

Additional Guidelines

Districts must also report the Drug-Related data element, and the Drug Description (PDF) for all drug sale/distribution incidents. Complete the Drug Description using (M) - Marijuana, (N) - Not a controlled substance, (O) - Other illicit drugs, (P) - Opioids, or (Z) - Not applicable. If the incident involves both (M) and (O), select the description that represents the most serious offense.

Note: Drug Sale/Distribution incidents must also be reported in the related element "Drug-Related"


Should the sale of fake drugs, such as a student representing oregano to be marijuana, be coded as a SESIR Drug Sale/Distribution incident?

  • Yes, even though the substance being sold is not a controlled substance, it is being represented as a drug and under the SESIR definition of Drug Sale/Distribution; it should be reported as the SESIR incident DRD.



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