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Safe Schools
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Grant Programs

Florida Safe Schools Canine Grant Program

The Canine Grant Program allocates funds to school districts in designated “fiscally constrained counties” for the purchase and training of a firearms detection canine to be deployed in schools. The schools must partner with a law enforcement agency. The canine must be trained to interact with children and must complete behavior and temperament training. A firearm detection canine may also be trained as an animal-assisted therapy canine.

Chris Hixon, Coach Aaron Feis, and Coach Scott Beigel Guardian Program

The Guardian Program allocates funds to participating sheriffs’ offices for screening and training volunteers to respond immediately in the event of a school shooting. Volunteers may include contracted Class C & G licensed security guards, as well as certain district and charter school employees. District and charter school volunteers receive a one-time stipend for serving in the program. The schools must partner with a sheriff’s office to participate in the Guardian Program. Private schools participating in the Guardian Program are responsible for all training costs.

School Hardening Grant Program

The School Hardening Grant program allocates funds to school districts and charter schools to improve the physical security of school buildings based on a security risk assessment required by section 1006.07(6), Florida Statutes and school hardening needs report submitted by districts.

  • Items must be physically attached to school property (fixed capital outlay).
  • Items must be associated with improving the physical safety and security of buildings.
  • Items must be Identified by a security risk assessment as a need.
  • Items must be used for items other than code compliance deficiencies; and
  • Items must be used in addition to or to augment existing security features.

Security Funding for Jewish Day Schools Program

The Jewish Day Schools Grant program allocates funds to provide professional security guards at Florida Jewish day schools. Jewish day schools who have a legitimate concern from groups on the State Department's Terrorist watch list or from anti-Semitic acts are eligible for funding.