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SESIR Codes & Definitions
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Sexual Offenses

Sexual Offenses (Other) (SXO) - Level III


Other sexual contact, including intercourse, without force or threat of force. Includes subjecting an individual to lewd sexual gestures, sexual activity, or exposing private body parts in a lewd manner.


  • Student or other participating in sexual activity in front of a student.
  • Student or other intentionally exposing genitals.
  • Two or more students engaging in sexual activity.
  • Student or other soliciting or encouraging a person to commit a sexual act.
  • Student or other touching the buttocks of another in lewd, lascivious manner.


  • Students kissing consensually.
  • Student swearing.
  • A kindergarten child relieving himself publicly.
  • First grade students hugging each other.
  • Student inadvertently touching breasts or buttocks of another.
  • Inappropriate or suggestive gestures.

Additional Guidelines

Incidents involving sexual activity between students should include timely consultation with law enforcement so an investigation can be conducted regarding illegal conduct. (Refer to Chapter 800, Florida Statutes).

Consideration should be given to developmentally age-appropriate behaviors in coding sexual offenses for students. Young children and students with exceptionalities may expose themselves without conscious sexual intent.

Consult school district student services or psychologist for assessing acting-out sexual behaviors that might be indicators of abuse, and use the findings to help determine whether to report the incident as a SESIR incident. Obtain input: (a) When the principal is unable to determine if the behavior involving young children is of a sexual nature beyond developmentally appropriate age expectations, or (b) where the incident is serious enough to require further investigation, or (c) when students in special education are involved.



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