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SESIR Codes & Definitions
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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault (SXA) - Level II


An incident that includes fondling, indecent liberties, child molestation, or threatened rape. Both males and females can be victims of sexual assault.


  • Student or other threatening to rape another.
  • Student or other intentionally touching anyone younger than 16 years old in a lewd manner.


  • Kindergarten student threatening another with a sexual act.

Additional Guidelines

Classification of these incidents should take into consideration the age and developmentally appropriate behavior of the offender(s). Young children and students with exceptionalities may make threats without conscious sexual intent. Consult school district student services or psychologist for assessing acting out sexual behaviors that might be indicators of abuse, and use the findings to help determine whether to report the incident as a SESIR incident. Obtain input when the principal is unable to determine if the behavior involving young children is of a sexual nature beyond developmentally appropriate age expectation, when the incident is serious enough to require further investigation, or where students in special education are involved.



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