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SESIR Codes & Definitions
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Arson (ARS) - Level I


To intentionally damage or cause to be damaged, by fire or explosion, any dwelling, structure, or conveyance, whether occupied or not, or its contents. Fires that are not intentional, that are caused by accident, or do not cause damage are not required to be reported in SESIR.


  • Student or other deliberately setting a fire on campus.


  • Student or other unintentionally starting a fire.

Additional Guidelines

Note: Arson is a "Violent Incident if it Results in Bodily Injury" and must be reported in the related element "Injury-Related". Report all fires to authorities so they can be investigated for intent. Report only intentionally-set fires to SESIR.


If there is no damage (trash can fire, toilet paper fire, etc.) is it really arson? The fire department says no - it does not meet the criteria, but does it meet the SESIR definition? Are we supposed to report intentionally set "paper" fires in SESIR or do we just report fires that cause damage?

  • No. Arson is a Level I incident and should apply to the most serious events where there is damage. Schools are encouraged to contact the State Fire Marshal’s Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations at 1-800-NET-FIRE (1-800-638-3473) in the event of a suspicious fire. If there is no significant damage, a local law enforcement officer can work with the Bureau on a consultation.

According to what is written in Appendix P, if a student commits a Level 1 incident such as Arson, are we to first consult with law enforcement and then make a determination as to whether an official report should be written? 

  • Level 1 incidents are generally violent offenses. The district school board determines which SESIR incidents require consultation with law enforcement, and that information is required to be included in the district's zero tolerance policy. Once law enforcement is contacted, they would make the determination whether an official report should be written.



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