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Parental Rights
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Parental Rights

Florida is taking bold steps to protect parental rights and ensure the lawfulness of instructional materials. If you believe you have found unlawful materials in your school or you are just unsure how to voice your concerns, please see the helpful information below.

Share your Concerns Directly with the Florida Department of Education

Email your concerns to along with any supporting information.

Provide Input on State Board of Education Rulemaking

Please see this video presentation on how you can get involved in the rulemaking process. There are several opportunities for public input during this process.

Special Magistrate

Florida law requires the implementation of a Special Magistrate process to support families by protecting parent’s rights and giving them additional assistance with certain disputes that are not timely or satisfactorily resolved by a Florida school district. The link above provides information for parents seeking appointment of a Special Magistrate to resolve certain disputes.

Contact your School’s Principal

Florida law now requires school principals to be responsible for instructional and library materials on their campuses. You should always feel free to share your concerns directly with your child’s school’s principal.

Review Your School District’s Policies Online

Florida law now requires school districts to adopt and post policies online for several parental rights, including means for the public to review instructional and library materials, and processes for the public to challenge and voice their complaints about those materials. For questions, review your district’s policies online and, if necessary, contact your child’s school’s principal or the school district.

Pornographic/Harmful Material Complaints

Florida law makes it illegal for an adult to knowingly distribute to a minor on school property, or post on school property, any pornographic or harmful materials, as defined in law. If you have questions or concerns regarding the potential introduction of pornographic or other materials harmful to minors within your child’s school, please contact your local state attorney’s office.