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Administrative Rules
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Specialization Requirements for Certification in Physical Education (Grades K-12) - - Academic Class.

(1) Plan One. A bachelor's or higher degree with a teacher education major in physical education, or

(2) Plan Two. A bachelor's or higher degree with thirty (30) semester hours in physical education to include the areas specified below:

(a) Twelve (12) semester hours in instructional design and content of physical education,

(b) Motor development,

(c) Kinesiology,

(d) Administration of physical education,

(e) Applied exercise physiology,

(f) Adaptive physical education or physical education for exceptional students,

(g) Care and prevention of human injuries, and

(h) Theory and practice in coaching.

(3) This rule is to become effective July 1, 2003, and supercedes the provisions of Rule 6A-4.028, FAC., as of that date.

Specific Authority 1001.02, 1012.55, 1012.56 FS. Law Implemented 1001.02, 1012.54, 1012.55, 1012.56 FS. History–New 7-1-03.