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Administrative Rules

The Bureau of Educator Certification is responsible for implementing the certification provisions in Florida Statutes and State Board of Education administrative rules. These laws and rules also delegate limited certification responsibilities to Florida's school districts.

The Florida Statutes may be found from the websites of either the Florida House of Representatives or the Florida Senate. The Laws providing statutory authority for Educator Certification are found under the K-12 Education Code in Chapter 1012 Personnel, Part III for Public Schools Personnel, then Subpart D for Educator Certification.

Statutory Authority: Chapter 1012, Florida Statutes

The State Board of Education Rules are found on the Department of State’s website. Information is available on the status of each rule allowing you to view the notices of proposed rulemaking as well as the date the amendment becomes effective.

Rule Authority: Chapter 6A-4, Florida Administrative Code

The following website links provide information on recent Legislative actions, State Board of Education actions on Administrative Rules, Workshops or other Communications with specific relevance to Educator Certification.

Rule Development for Educator Certification

Paperless Communication: Certification Communications