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Specialization Requirements for Certification in the Area of Visually Impaired (Grades K-12)--Academic Class.

(1) Plan One. A bachelor's or higher degree with an undergraduate or graduate major in visually impaired, or

(2) Plan Two. A bachelor's or higher degree with thirty (30) semester hours in exceptional student education to include credit in the areas specified below:

(a) Foundations of exceptional student education to include historical perspectives, student characteristics, and trends and issues;

(b) Educational management of exceptional students to include classroom organization, behavior management, and consultation skills;

(c) Methods and materials for teaching reading to include:

1. Sequential developmental skills and concepts of reading,

2. Recognition and diagnosis of reading problems, and

3. Prescription and utilization of appropriate methods and materials to increase reading performance; and

(d) Specialized courses for the education of students who are visually impaired to include each of the following:

1. Introduction to visual impairments including psychological, social, and emotional implications; history of educational services; and current delivery models;

2. Introduction to orientation and mobility to include theories, concepts, and the impact of mobility on the individual, the family, and the community;

3. The teaching of reading and writing of English Braille;

4. Functions of the eye and educational implications to include interpretation of medical eye reports, structure of the eye, disease and impairments, low vision training, and the use and care of optical aids; and

(e) Instructional strategies for teaching students who are visually impaired to include each of the following:

1. Teaching and assessing personal and social skills to include personal hygiene, self care, interpersonal relationships, career awareness, and social interaction with peers;

2. Teaching and assessing communication skills and reading including the use of specialized equipment; and

3. Teaching and assessing mathematics, science, and technology to include Nemeth code, abacus, specialized science materials, adapted technology, and computer access devices.

Specific Authority 1001.02, 1012.55, 1012.56 FS. Law Implemented 1001.02, 1012.54, 1012.55, 1012.56 FS. History–New 10-10-89, Amended 5-4-93.