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K-12 Student Assessment
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Assessment Schedules

K-12 Assessment

Statewide Assessment Schedules are established according to Florida Statute 1008.22 for FSA and NGSSS assessments. These schedules also contain testing dates and windows for other statewide assessments, such as FSAA, ACCESS for ELLs 2.0, and NAEP.

Uniform Assessment Calendar

Section 1008.22(7)(b), F.S., requires the Department to publish uniform calendars by January 1 of each year, and the calendars published must include statewide assessment schedule information for the next two years. Each school district is then required to populate the calendar for the following year with district assessment information. Rule 6A-1.094224, F.A.C. was approved by the State Board of Education on June 22, 2016, and established the guidelines and template to be used for this requirement. The approved rule language and template may be accessed at The calendars below have been populated with state assessment information and are available to allow districts to enter their district assessment information and publish the Uniform Assessment Calendar on their website by October 1 each year, as required by statute.

For more information on how districts should complete their district uniform assessment calendar, please see the Uniform Assessment Calendar FAQ (PDF).

Postsecondary Assessment