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2020-2021 Adoption Year: K-12 English Language Arts

2019-2020 Adoption Year: (World Languages, Career & Technical Education (CTE) and Computer Science)

2017-2018 Adoption Year: (Science)

2017-2018 Extension (Science)

2016-2017 Adoption Year: (Social Studies)

2015-2016 Adoption Year:

(Career and Technical Education/Arts, AV Technology & Communication; Business Management & Administration; Engineering & Technology Education; IT; Health Science; Transportation, Distribution & Logistics 6-12, Health/PE K-8, Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Art K-12 and World Languages K-12)

2014-2015 Adoption Year (Career and Technical Education/Agriculture 9-12, ESOL, Health/PE 9-12, World Languages K-12)

2013-2014 Adoption Year (6-12 Reading/ Language Arts and 6-12 Mathematics)

2012-2013 Adoption Year (K-5 Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Language Education and K-5 Mathematics)

2011-2012 Adoption Year (Social Studies)

2010-2011 Adoption Year (Science)

Specifications 2010-2011 Adoption

2009-2010 Adoption Year (Mathematics)

2008-2009 Adoption Year (Language Arts, ESOL, Music)

2007-2008 Adoption Year (Reading)

2006-2007 Adoption Year (World Languages, Visual Arts, Health/PE, Workforce Education)

2005-2006 Adoption Year (Science)