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2022-2023 Funding Opportunities

Putting Florida’s Adult Learners First: Adult Education & Family Literacy Act 2021-2023 Grant Competition

The 2021-2022 Adult Education and Family Literacy Grant Program information have been moved to the Archives.

The vision of Florida’s adult education system is to hold learners at the center and deliver outcomes that promote full participation in the workforce, result in high-quality credentials of value and close equity and achievement gaps. The work of transforming Florida’s adult education system is now guided by the following strategic priorities:

  • Priority 1: Promote regional partnerships to ensure comprehensive approaches that result in improved learner outcomes;
  • Priority 2: Expand the state’s talent pipeline through attainment of credentials of value and acquisition of postsecondary certifications, industry-recognized credentials and degrees;
  • Priority 3: Ensure all learners receive high quality instruction that prioritizes measurable labor market needs and outcomes while working to eliminate equity and achievement gaps in the community; and
  • Priority 4: Incent, measure, and support enhanced program effectiveness. 

Adult Education and Family Literacy Collaboration

Continuation Adult Education:

Revised 3-10-22:

  • Each excel workbook IET Offering Summary tab has been updated.

Adult Education and Family Literacy Funding Opportunities

Adult General Education

Corrections Educations

Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education

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