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Acceptable Supporting Documents Chart

Military Status
Required Supporting Documentation

Active duty service members
Military ID (front and back)

Spouses of active duty members
Military dependent ID card (Form DD1173) (front and back)

Member of the reserves
Military ID and Activity Duty Report (Form DD220); or
Military ID card and current active duty orders

Spouse of reserve members
Military dependent ID card (Form DD1173-1); and
spouse’s DD220 Form or spouse’s active duty orders

Honorably discharged Veterans
Certificate of Release or Discharge from
Active Duty (Form DD214 - Member 4)

Spouses of honorably discharged veterans
Spouse’s DD214 – member 4 and marriage certificate

Honorably discharged veteran of reserves
DD Form 214 Member 4

Surviving spouses of veterans or service members
who died while on active duty as members of the
U.S. Armed Forces or reserve units.
Report of Casualty and Marriage Certificate