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Military Certification Fee Waivers

The Don Hahnfeldt Veteran and Military Family Opportunity Act provides the opportunity to for members of the United States Armed Forces, veterans and their spouses to request a waiver for initial certification fees and certification examination fees.

Waiver Request Instructions

Please refer to the acceptable supporting documents chart for official documentation required by the department for review to determine that the veteran meets the qualifications.

Fees for the following certification services will be waived for individuals granted MCFWs:

  • $75.00 per subject for an initial certification application
  • $75.00 for an initial application for certification in athletic coaching
  • $75.00 for an application to upgrade from a Temporary to a Professional Certificate
  • $75.00 per subject for addition of a subject or endorsement to a valid certificate

Waiver Guidance

  • You must wait to submit any payments until after you receive email notification that you are eligible for an MCFW.
  • Registration fees for initial attempts on examinations for certification will be waived for educator candidates granted MCFW eligibility. Please visit FTCE/FELE Certification Website for detailed information on Florida's certification examinations.

Note: Eligible MCFW applicants, including current school district employees, must submit certification applications directly to the Bureau of Educator Certification. Submitting a district application to add a subject/endorsement to a valid Temporary or Professional Certificate will require payment of processing fees to the employing school district.