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K-12 Public Schools
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Academically Successful & Resilient Districts

The new Office of Academically Successful and Resilient Districts (ASRD) supports district school boards and superintendents by offering day-to-day guidance and best practices relating to Florida’s innovative educational framework. The Florida Department of Education created the Office to facilitate partnerships with district leaders to ultimately better serve Florida’s students, families, and educators.

Policy Topics

The Office of Academically Successful and Resilient Districts will provide guidance to district and community leaders along a range of policy topics, including but not limited to:

  • Parent’s Rights
  • Academic Standards
  • Curriculum and Supplemental Materials
  • School Safety
  • Teacher Professional Development and Supports
  • Educational Choice
  • Workforce Education

The office operates in accordance with the State Board of Education’s mission to put students first and provide access to a world-class education for students of all backgrounds and abilities.

Terry L. Stoops, Ph.D., Director
Phone: 850-245-9182

Policy Memos