Professional Learning Programs

Clinical Education Facilitator Academy

Pursuant to section 1004.04(5), Florida Statutes, clinical education training is required for all school district personnel, instructional personnel and individuals in postsecondary teacher preparation programs who instruct, supervise or direct teacher preparation students during field experience courses or internships.

In an effort to meet the needs of local educational agencies and institutions of higher education, the Florida Department of Education offers the Clinical Education Facilitator Academy (CEFA) several times a year. The academy is structured to provide a model framework to individuals charged with developing the clinical education training program for their organization. For more information on this program, visit the Clinical Education Training page.

Dr. Brian Dassler Leadership Academy

The Dr. Brian Dassler Leadership Academy is a year-long, job-embedded and research-based program for principal professional development with three anticipated outcomes:

  1. Deepen school leaders’ knowledge and skill in identifying high quality instruction along with the professional learning necessary to support teachers’ own learning;
  2. Deepen school leaders’ skills in observation, analysis, and feedback through on-site support, coaching and modeling; and
  3. Develop school leaders’ skill in providing targeted feedback for teacher growth.

The Academy's work is grounded in the University of Washington’s Center for Educational Leadership's theory of action: student learning improves as the quality of teaching improves, and the quality of teaching improves as leaders understand what constitutes high quality instruction along with the role they play in improving teacher practice.

This program is limited to principals and principal supervisors on an application basis, with leaders participating in three institutes at a central Florida location and five school site "learning walks" with a cohort to practice instructional leadership skills.

Florida School Leaders

The Florida School Leaders website is a primary portal for professional learning by Florida educators. Leadership is a process distributed among many educators with a shared vision of enabling our students to be college and career ready and have fulfilling lives in a global economy. The contributions of many are needed to ensure Florida's public school students a quality education. Learning supports are provided through this website for leaders, coaches and mentors from all levels.

The William Cecil Golden School Leadership Development Program

The William Cecil Golden School Leadership Development Program (WCG) was established by the 2006 Florida Legislature to provide a high-quality, competency-based, customized, comprehensive and coordinated statewide professional development system for current and emerging school leaders. The program is aligned with Florida's Principal Leadership Standards and supports the needs of emerging school leaders engaged in formal educational leadership programs, approved district principal preparation programs (PDF) and district professional development programs for current school leaders. All WCG program resources are located in the WCG section of the Florida School Leaders website.

Teacher Induction, New Teacher Mentoring and Mentor Training

Section 1012.98, Florida Statutes, requires the Department to disseminate proven model professional development programs that have demonstrated success in providing effective mentorship activities to new teachers in training to teacher mentors.

The New Teacher Center's Teacher Induction Program offers one of the few mentoring models that has demonstrated statistically significant gains in student outcomes. Its publicly released Teacher Induction Program Standards (TIPS) define the characteristics and fundamental elements of a high-quality induction program that accelerates the development of both teachers and their students.

Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training

The Florida Department of Education, in collaboration with the Statewide Office of Suicide Prevention, established criteria for reviewing youth suicide awareness and prevention training materials and compiled a list of nationally recognized youth suicide awareness and prevention trainings. A list of approved trainings is located on the Student Support Services Project website.

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