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2011 FCAT Writing Anchor Sets

The released 2011 FCAT Writing Anchor Sets for grades 4, 8, and 10 contain examples of responses used as training materials for the 2011 FCAT Writing assessment. Each anchor set (scoring guide) includes a student response and an annotation to explain why it was assigned a particular score. This provides the basis for developing a common understanding of the scoring criteria that were used.

In 2012, the scoring criteria for FCAT Writing will be expanded. In addition to the elements of focus, organization, support, and conventions described in the current rubrics, scoring decisions will include expanded expectations regarding the following: (1) increased attention to the correct use of standard English conventions and (2) increased attention to the quality of details, requiring use of relevant, logical, and plausible support, rather than contrived statistical claims or unsubstantiated generalities. In 2013, FCAT Writing will become FCAT 2.0 Writing, and new scoring rubrics will be developed for each grade and writing purpose, which will continue to include narrative or expository prompts for students in grade 4 and expository or persuasive prompts for students in grades 8 and 10. For these reasons, the 2011 FCAT Writing Anchor Sets should not be used for future staff development. Their purpose is to provide an understanding of student scores for the 2011 writing administration.

To clarify and illustrate the increased expectations for FCAT Writing scoring in 2011-12, a document addressing frequently asked questions and some examples of student responses is available to districts upon requests. A committee of Florida educators met with the Department to select student responses for the 2012 FCAT Writing Calibration Scoring Guides. These scoring guides will provide a basis for developing a common understanding of the scoring standards.

Information regarding the holistic scoring method and the FCAT Writing rubrics used in 2011 are available on the Department of Education website.

Anchor Sets

Archived FCAT Writing Anchor Sets