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National Highway Safety Administration

Mission statement:

Our goal at the National Highway Safety Administration is to provide each student with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to help them become safe, responsible and confident drivers in today's ever changing and challenging driving environment. We strive to promote in each of our students the positive attitudes associated with safe and successful life-long driving experiences. We are dedicated in helping our students reach these goals in a fun, exciting and informative way using the latest technologies.

Contact Information:

Phone: 1-800-829-3727

Type of Program being offered in Florida:

Part time
Grades 9-12

Course List

Approved Courses (Excel)

Learning Management System:

The National Highway Safety Administration has their own proprietary learning management system.

Teacher Qualifications:

In addition to having Florida certified teachers, the National Highway Safety Administration employs other seasoned driving instructors, some with over 40 years of educational experience.

Disclosure Website:

Providers must disclose information for the general public related to their curriculum, policies, certification and physical location of administrators and instructional staff, instructional staff availability, student-teacher ratios, student completion and promotion rates and student and school performance results.