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Accel Online East

Mission statement

ACCEL Online East, LLC, a part of ACCEL Schools, is an approved Virtual Instruction Provider (VIP) serving Florida schools and districts with turn-key, data-driven and adaptable online learning solutions for all students in grades K-12.

ACCEL’s mission is to provide a quality education, anywhere in the world, in the modality that best meets the needs of each student.

Contact Information

Type of Program being offered in Florida

Full time program serving all grades K-12

All Students

Teacher Certification Information:

All teachers are licensed and certified to teach in the state of Florida.

Course List

Approved Courses (Excel)

Learning Management System

The ACCEL Management Platform (AMP) is an ecosystem of education technology central to managing an effective K-12 school and differentiating instruction for each student. AMP supports enrollment, state compliance, communication, collaboration, and a variety of instructional tools. AMP is customizable school by school and includes state of the art technology that embeds vendor coursework seamlessly, keeping content that is fully aligned to Florida state standards at the fingertips of instructors. Using a system with multiple vendors provides ACCEL with the flexibility to assemble the strongest curriculum choices for their partner school students.

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Disclosure Website:

Providers must disclose information for the general public related to their curriculum, policies, certification and physical location of administrators and instructional staff, instructional staff availability, student-teacher ratios, student completion and promotion rates and student and school performance results.