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Tuition & Fee Exemptions & Waivers

Fee exemptions and waivers are types of financial assistance authorized in Florida Statute that provide opportunities for many students to attend college at reduced tuition and fee costs or even free.

Students should contact the college of interest to learn if they are eligible for exemptions or waivers.

Fee Exemptions

An exemption is provided for certain students who are, by statutory definition, exempt from the payment of tuition and fees, including lab fees. Exemptions are primarily identified in section (s.) 1009.25, Florida Statutes (F.S.)

Some of the available exemptions include, but are not limited to:

Fee Waivers

A waiver occurs when a student has their fees (usually out-of-state fees) waived or forgiven by an institution. Some waivers are discretionary, while others are mandatory and are subject to certain statutory limitations for reporting and funding purposes. Waivers are primarily identified in s. 1009.26, F.S.

Some of the available waivers include, but are not limited to:

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