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Student Activities, Housing & Athletics

Get Involved Through Student Activities!

Florida College System (FCS) institutions possess many activities to keep students involved on and off-campus. Different explorations of clubs, organizations, and intramural competitions showcase options for students to get involved at their respective college.

College Athletics

The Florida College System features unique athletic opportunities. The array of sports offered extends to athletes worldwide through membership with the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA).

To find the current sports offered, please refer to a specific college’s athletics page on their website.

Student Housing

Most FCS do not offer residence halls for student living. The colleges were initially designed to accommodate commuter students; therefore, on-campus housing was limited or nonexistent. Thus, housing is predominately off-campus and provided through a third party.

A few FCS institutions manage their own residence facilities or have on-campus housing. In addition, some FCS institutions provide housing for specific student populations such as international students, student-athletes, or specific scholarship recipients. However, affordable housing can generally be found close to most campuses.

Students should contact the admissions or enrollment office at the campus they plan to attend to learn of resources and recommendations for living near campus.

Additional Resources

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