21st Century Community Learning Centers

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21st Century Community Learning Centers Staff

Kimberly Berry, Assistant Bureau Chief/State Director
Phone: 850-245-0821
Email: Kimberly.Berry@fldoe.org

Tiffany Chandler, Program Specialist
Phone: 850-245-0679
Email: Tiffany.Chandler@fldoe.org

Liliana (Lili) Murphy, Assistant State Director
Phone: 850-245-9326
Email: Liliana.Murphy@fldoe.org

Ana Lopez Edwards, Special Projects Lead
Phone: 850-245-0789
Email: Ana.Lopez-Edwards@fldoe.org

Wayarne Tolliver, Contracts and Grants Manager
Phone: 850-245-5199
Email: Wayarne.Tolliver@fldoe.org

Barbara McFarland, Contracts and Grants Specialist
Phone: 850-245-9152
Email: Barbara.McFarland@fldoe.org

Ambriel Dorsey, Staff Assistant
Phone: 850-245-0886
Email: Ambriel.Dorsey@fldoe.org

Natasha Wilson, Systems Analyst
Phone: 850-245-0957
Email: Natasha.Wilson@fldoe.org

Program Support Unit

Evelyn Borrell, Program Specialist
Phone: 954-889-2212
Email: Evelyn.Borrell@fldoe.org

Michael Butler, Program Specialist
Phone: 850-245-0876
Email: Michael.Butler@fldoe.org

Andria Cole, Program Specialist
Phone: 850-245-0558
Email: Andria.Cole@fldoe.org

Erin Gamble, Program Specialist
Phone: 850-245-9285
Email: Erin.Gamble@fldoe.org

Alicia Harrison-Bailey, Program Specialist
Phone: 850-245-0817
Email: Alicia.Harrison-Bailey@fldoe.org

Jessica Maddox, Program Specialist
Phone: 850-245-9447
Email: Jessica.Maddox@fldoe.org

Prisha Malone, Lead Program Specialist
Phone: 850-245-9396
Email: Prisha.Malone@fldoe.org

Michael Miller, Program Specialist
Phone: 850-245-9034
Email: Michael.Miller1@fldoe.org

Erin Rosati, Program Support Unit Lead
Phone: 850-245-9956
Email: Erin.Rosati@fldoe.org

Yoselyn Paulino, Program Specialist
Phone: 954-889-2257
Email: Yoselyn.Paulino@fldoe.org

Rehana Seepersad, Program Specialist
Phone: 954-889-2956
Email: Rehana.Seepersad@fldoe.org

Barbara Thomas, Program Specialist
Phone: 850-245-0684
Email: Barbara.Thomas@fldoe.org

Jennifer Urtecho, Lead Program Specialist
Phone: 954-889-2954
Email: Jennifer.Urtecho@fldoe.org

Shawn Youngblood, Program Specialist
Phone: 850-245-9316
Email: Shawn.Youngblood@fldoe.org

Monitoring & Compliance Unit

Joel Keough, Monitoring & Compliance Unit Lead
Phone: 850-245-0839
Email: Joel.Keough@fldoe.org

Robert Meadows, Senior Compliance Specialist
Phone: 850-245-0075
Email: Robert.Meadows@fldoe.org

Alexis Sales, Compliance Specialist
Phone: 850-245-9699
Email: Alexis.Sales@fldoe.org