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Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) Star Early Literacy

The Coordinated Screening and Progress Monitoring Program is the statewide, standardized program known as Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) Star Early Literacy. It is implemented in all VPK programs as required by s. 1002.68, F.S., and used to assess student achievement of the performance standards established in s. 1002.67(1)(a), F.S., in early literacy and mathematics.

VPK Programs (school-year and summer) began implementation of the FAST Star Early Literacy in the 2022-2023 VPK Program Year.

Technical Assistance

Renaissance has a new look, so you'll notice changes to the Renaissance website, resources, and Renaissance-U in the weeks and months ahead.

Renaissance System Support

Users who need Renaissance System support should contact the Renaissance Place Help Desk and Technical Assistance Team at 1-800-338-4204 or by completing this form for a Renaissance representative.

Policy Questions?

Contact the Division of Early Learning with questions related to FAST Star Early Literacy implementation requirements. Select which best describes who you are: VPK Provider or VPK Parent and your information and questions will be submitted to the Division of Early Learning.


Important Update: The Division of Early Learning has created the VPK Program Guide to FAST Star Early Literacy (PDF) Updated 11/29/23. This guide should be used for VPK Programs to find:

  • How to locate your Renaissance VPK Testing Site
  • Where to Complete Rostering and Obtain Login Credentials
  • VPK FAST Training Requirements
  • Customizable Family Letter
  • Administration Schedule
  • VPK Program Administration Task Requirements
  • Providing Student Performance Results Requirements
  • Support Contacts

FAST Star Early Literacy Family Letter – What Families Need to Know (Word) (Updated 8/23/23)


To be qualified as a test administrator, an individual must be employed by a private VPK provider or school district; and complete, and document completion of, professional development training that is designed to ensure the proper administration of the assessment.

Required test administrator training is available through Renaissance-U: FAST Star Early Literacy Renaissance-U Enrollment Guidance (PDF) (Updated 7/12/24).

Participants must provide accurate and complete registration information at the time of enrollment for training credit to appear on DCF Training Transcripts. Details regarding required registration information is provided in the Renaissance-U Enrollment Guidance linked above.


Go to VPK Program Guide to FAST Star Early Literacy (PDF) Updated 11/29/23 to get additional information.

Technology Needs

Do you have needs or questions about technology for implementation of FAST Star Early Literacy in your VPK Program? Your local early learning coalition has technology resources and is available to assist. Please contact your local coalition for additional details.

Administration Schedule

VPK programs shall administer FAST Star Early Literacy three times during PM1, PM2, and PM3 following the below administration schedules.

2023-2024 Test Administration Schedule (PDF)

VPK programs do not need to set screening windows. Renaissance is calculating the screening windows for VPK programs within the system. VPK program administrators should contact their local early learning coalition for questions regarding their programs’ specific progress monitoring windows.


VPK Program Administrators and Instructors should be familiar with the FAST Star Early Literacy Resources and Reports (PDF) and the Star Early Literacy Star Early Literacy Score Definitions (PDF).

The following FAQs are available to coalitions, VPK Directors and teachers to assist with implementation: FAST-Star Early Literacy FAQS (PDF)

Family Resources

Families with students enrolled in a VPK program are encouraged to read the Family Guide to Star Assessments (PDF) along with the FAST Star Early Literacy Family Letter – What Families Need to Know (PDF) (Updated 7/18/23) about FAST Star Early Literacy. Parents may contact DEL with questions related to FAST Star Early Literacy by completing the VPK Parent Form. The form will be submitted to, and a VPK representative will assist.