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Teacher Apprenticeship Program

A Teacher Apprenticeship Program serves as an additional pathway for individuals employed as paraprofessionals by Florida school districts or charter schools with an Associate’s Degree to enter the teaching profession. While in the program, apprentices receive on-the-job training and related instruction leading toward a baccalaureate degree. This program may be offered by Florida public school districts or charter schools in partnership with a related instruction provider.

Relevant Statute and Rule

Registering a Teacher Apprenticeship Program

A district or charter school in Florida may partner with an institution, authorized in section 1004.04, Florida Statutes, to offer a Teacher Apprenticeship Program. If a district or charter school is interested in registering for this program, the Superintendent/President/Chief Executive Officer should email the following information to

  • District or Charter School Name
  • Primary Program’s Contact Name, Email Address and Phone Number
  • Participating institution
  • Subject Area(s)

Temporary Teacher Apprenticeship Certification

For those seeking a Temporary Teacher Apprenticeship Certification, please see Educator Certification.

Please reach out to with any questions related to the Teacher Apprenticeship Program.