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Florida Virtual School

The Florida Legislature passed groundbreaking legislation in 1997 establishing Florida Virtual School (FLVS) as a grant-based pilot project, pioneering Florida's first Internet-based, public high school. Today, as a fully accredited, statewide public school district, FLVS offers more than 190 online courses to Kindergarten-12 students, and certified teachers use a variety of personalized instructional programs to create individualized educational plans for every student. Since 1997, FLVS students have successfully completed more than 4.6 million semester enrollments. FLVS also provides its courseware and expertise to online and blended learning programs across the nation. As a not-for-profit, FLVS reinvests funds into the development of new educational technologies and the creation of the highest-quality courses, benefiting students in Florida and beyond.

FLVS Flex - Students in FLVS Flex can take one or more online courses while simultaneously enrolled in a brick-and-mortar school, or they may take up to a full course load when enrolled as a homeschool student. Available to public, private, charter and homeschool students, FLVS Flex offers year-round enrollment, and students have the flexibility to start and finish a course at any time. FLVS Flex students have the ability to follow a more flexible schedule, allowing them to personalize their learning experience around their daily lives and extracurricular activities.

FLVS Full Time - As an accredited Kindergarten-12 online public school, students in FLVS Full Time take a standard course load of six courses per semester, participate in state testing, and follow a 180-day traditional school calendar with a fixed semester schedule from August to May. Students who meet district graduation requirements are able to receive a Florida diploma from FLVS Full Time. As the student’s school of record, FLVS Full Time issues official report cards and manages transcripts, and professional school counselors provide academic advising and college and career planning. FLVS Full Time offers fall and spring enrollment periods. School districts and virtual charter schools may also contract with FLVS to provide the FLVS Full Time program to district public school students.

General Information about FLVS

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Contact Information
Main: 800-374-1430
Elementary: 407-513-3604

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