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District Franchises of Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

General Information

  • Florida school districts may choose to enter an agreement with FLVS to operate an FLVS district franchise. These franchises are district virtual schools with district administrators and district teachers who provide virtual instruction for district students. These schools use FLVS curriculum, other educational resources, the FLVS Learning Management System (LMS), and FLVS Student Information System (SIS). FLVS also provides training and mentoring for district teachers and administrators.
  • A school district may use its franchise as one of its Virtual Instruction Program (VIP) options.
  • Students enrolled in district franchises should be reported under school number 7004.
  • District franchises are required to collect and report immunization information for home education students enrolled in their franchise only if they participate in activities at a brick and mortar school in the district (e.g., those who participate in classes, extra-curricular activities or state testing).

List of districts with franchises of FLVS