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Dual Enrollment & Transfer
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College & University Transfer (Postsecondary Articulation)

Florida Welcomes Transfer Students!

Florida guarantees transfer of postsecondary credit through several mechanisms. Articulation ensures that students receive credit for comparable coursework without unnecessary repetition when transferring from one institution to another. Florida has developed a seamless articulation system to facilitate efficient and effective progression and transfer of students between and among public postsecondary institutions.

Transfer of Postsecondary Credit

2+2 Articulation (AA or AS Transfer)

Florida’s Statewide Articulation Agreement (2+2) allows grants students who earn an Associate in Arts (AA) (and certain Associate in Science (AS)) from one of Florida College System’s (FCS) 28 public state or community colleges are guaranteed admission to one of the State University System of Florida’s 12 public state universities. While admission is guaranteed to one of the universities, it does not guarantee admission to all or one’s top choice.

Students who hold an AA degree from an FCS institution will be awarded at least 60 credit hours toward the bachelor’s degree, thus protecting the credits they earned during their freshman and sophomore years at the state or community college. The articulation agreement guarantees transfer students will have an equal opportunity to enter specialized admissions programs. Students are responsible for understanding the transfer admission requirements and are encouraged to be prepared for four-year programs.

Students who transfer to a state university before earning an AA degree do not have all the guarantees provided by the articulation agreements and may be denied admission or lose credit when transferring. In most cases, students who transfer without an A.A. degree will have to meet freshman admission standards.

*Florida’s articulation agreement does not guarantee state or community college AA degree holders' admission to a particular university or to limited access*

Certificates and Diplomas

Rule 1007.23, F.A.C., establishes statewide articulation agreements and expands opportunities for postsecondary degrees and certificates. These agreements are intended to be a minimum guarantee of articulated credit and do not preclude institutions from granting additional credit.

Articulation Agreements (Non-Public)

The Division of Florida Colleges collaborates with private colleges and universities through articulation agreements to expand student access to education opportunities.

Articulation Agreements with Private Colleges and Universities

General Education Requirements

Each public institution has a 36-hour general education program that is part of the AA degree and uniquely designed to introduce students to the fundamental knowledge, skills and values essential to the study of academic disciplines.

The articulation agreement guarantees the 36-hour general education block of credit earned at any public college or university will be accepted in total by any other public institution in Florida and no further courses will be required to meet the general education component. However, if students transfer prior to completing the 36-hour general education requirement, the student may be required to take additional courses to meet the general education requirement at the receiving institution. If students must transfer prior to receiving the AA degree, it is recommended they complete the 36-hour general education block prior to transferring. Starting in 2015-16, courses taken to fulfill the general education core requirement are guaranteed to transfer and fulfill core requirements at receiving institutions.

Common Prerequisites

Most bachelor’s degree programs require that specific coursework be completed prior to admission. The amount of coursework varies depending on the program. These courses are referred to as common prerequisites and they are published annually in the Common Prerequisite Manual. Students working toward an AA degree should decide upon a baccalaureate program of interest as early as possible so they can identify and complete the prerequisite courses.

Statewide Course Numbering System

The Statewide Course Numbering System facilitates the transfer of credit among all Florida public postsecondary institutions and participating private institutions. Courses with similar academic content that are taught by faculty with comparable credentials are given the same prefix and number. These courses are considered to be equivalent. By Florida law, an institution accepting a transfer student from another participating institution must award credit for equivalent courses. Credits awarded must satisfy the receiving institution’s requirements as though the student took the courses at the receiving institutions. Excluded from this guaranteed transfer are:

  • Career and technical preparatory courses
  • Applied courses in the performing arts
  • Clinical courses in health-related areas
  • Skill courses in criminal justice
  • Graduate courses
  • Courses with the last three digits ranging from 900-999
  • Courses not offered at the receiving institution

Additional Resources

  • Office of Articulation
  • Florida Shines offers four advising audits that can help students in the 2+2 option.
  • Graduation check - compares a student’s transcript to the program requirements.
  • Impact of changing majors or schools - compares a student’s transcript to a different program at the student’s current school or a different school.
  • AA transfer evaluation - compares a student’s transcript to the requirements for a four-year program. This audit indicates whether the courses taken and GPA earned match the prerequisites required for entrance to the bachelor’s degree program.
  • Degree program requirements - provides the requirements for any program at any public college or university.

Relevant Florida Statutes

Relevant Florida State Board of Education Rules

For questions regarding Transfers, please contact:

Office of Articulation

Contact the Division of Florida Colleges