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Security Funding for Jewish Day Schools

General Information

OSS manages one of two grants that provide Security Funding for Jewish Day Schools, which are aimed at protecting Jewish schools from antisemitic attacks. The first grant allocates funds to provide professional security guards at Florida’s Jewish day schools and is managed by OSS. The second grant provides funding for security and counter-terrorism upgrades (facility hardening), and it is overseen by FLDOE’s Fixed Capital Outlay office (for more information on this grant, please contact


Each year (typically August), the Fixed Capital Outlay office (FCO) will send a survey to Jewish schools in order to determine interest in the funding opportunity. To be considered eligible for the allocation, each school will need to submit the following information in the survey:

  • School’s student enrollment count for Pre-K and K-12 students. Enrollment data will be used to calculate the allocation of fuds to each participating school.
  • Certification statement that the school has a legitimate concern for groups on the State Department's Terrorist watch list or from anti-Semitic acts
  • Confirmation statement that the school intends on applying for one or both of the grants (security funding and/or facility hardening)
  • Contact information for the school.

For more information on the Security Funding for Jewish Day Schools Grant, please contact