Elizabeth Moya, Assistant Vice Chancellor,
Articulation & Career Education Policy
Telephone: 850-245-9943

Alexandria Armstrong, Director of Career Education & Articulation
Telephone: 850-245-0090

Course Code Directory (CCD) 

Trinity Henderson, Manager
Telephone: 850-245-9543

Postsecondary Articulation

Yolanda Singletary, Educational Policy Analyst
Telephone:  850-245-9028

Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS)

Julia Osmond, Program Specialist
Telephone: 850-245-9563

Sangeetha Wollet, Administrator
Telephone: 850-245-0559

For general inquiries, please contact 850-245-0427 or  Faxes can be sent to 850-245-9010.