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Rules & Statutes

Standards ― s. 1003.41, Florida Statutes, describes the core curricular content to be taught in the state of Florida in grades K-12.

Required Instruction ― s. 1003.42, Florida Statutes, provides for required courses and instruction to ensure that students meet State Board of Education-adopted standards. Most specifically:

Members of the instructional staff of the public schools, subject to the rules of the State Board of Education and the district school board, shall teach efficiently and faithfully, using the books and materials required that meet the highest standards for professionalism and historic accuracy, following the prescribed courses of study, and employing approved methods of instruction,

Requirements for a Standard High School Diploma – s. 1003.4282, Florida Statutes, provides the requirements needed for students to earn a standard high school diploma.

General requirements for middle grades promotion – s. 1003.4156, Florida Statutes, provides the requirements needed for students to be promoted from middle grades to high school.

Course Requirements ― State Board of Education Rule 6A-1.09412, F.A.C. Grades K-12 Basic and Adult Secondary Programs reads:

A course description directs district personnel by providing the essential content and course requirements for each course in grades K-12 contained in the "Course Code Directory and Instructional Personnel Assignments" adopted by Rule 6A-1.09441, F.A.C., Course requirements approved by the State Board of Education and are available online.

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