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Just Read, Families!
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Summer Reading Activities


  • Plan to eat dinner as a family as often as possible this month to share educational experiences.
  • Help your child decorate a box. Put it by the door to hold homework and books.
  • Cut a comic strip apart.
  • Help your child create a map of your home.
  • Help your child write and illustrate a story about a favorite animal.


  • Read a poem. Let your child guess what the next rhyming word will be.
  • Play a game after reading the directions together.
  • Choose a new recipe. Read it together and have fun making it.
  • Have your child describe a family member or friend. Guess who it is.
  • Have your children plan a fun family activity.


  • Visit a library. Get a card for your child. Check out some books.
  • Find a cozy place to read a favorite story. Have your child retell the story.
  • Cut words out of the newspaper. Arrange them on paper to make a new sentence.
  • Take a walk. Close your eyes and listen for the sounds of summer. Make a list of the sounds!
  • Have fun reading and writing with your child.


  • Share memories of a special holiday with your child.
  • When driving with your child, turn off the music and talk about the day's events.
  • Have a treasure hunt. Leave picture or word clues to follow to reach the treasure.
  • Help your child plant flower or vegetable seeds. Make a graph to chart their growth.
  • Read with your child for 15 minutes each day.


  • Read a story. Make puppets out of small paper bags. Put on a puppet show.
  • Read directions for a project. Work together to create the project.
  • Read a new book or an old favorite to your child.
  • Have your child write a note to a friend or relative. Be sure to mail it!


  • Take a walk. Look for signs of the season. Talk about what you see.
  • Watch a nature program on TV. Talk about what you see.
  • Start reading a story and stop before the end. Ask your child to predict the ending.
  • Start telling a familiar story. Have your child write a new ending.
  • If you skip a day then read for 30 minutes the next day and star both days.


  • Create a family tree and have your child draw the portraits of the family members.
  • Let your child see YOU reading and writing. Write a long overdue note to a friend.
  • Leave a note for your child to discover sometime during the day.
  • Have your child make a list of enjoyable things to do. Describe what makes them fun.

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