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Recovery Network Program

The Recovery Network Program (RNP) was established in 1994 to help educators obtain assistance due to impairments related to drug, alcohol and/or mental health issues. Participation in the RNP may be voluntary or as a requirement of a Final Order of the Education Practices Commission.

FAQ for Recovery Network Participants

If RNP is part of my Final Order, who do I contact to enter the program?

Contact the Recovery Network Program administrator at 850.245.0438.

Will the RNP administrator contact me to initiate my entry into the program?

No. For entry into the program, the educator must contact the RNP. Non-voluntary participants who fail to contact the RNP may be considered in violation of their Final Order which may result in greater penalties issued against the educator’s certificate, up to and including revocation of a certificate.

What if I have RNP as a part of my Final Order, but I am not currently employed as an educator?

Participation in the RNP is primarily related to employment in the education profession. Participants in the program must be employed in a position which requires a Florida Educator Certificate; however, in some instances the order requires the educator to meet certain requirements related to an evaluation or treatment prior to resuming employment as an educator.

What if I previously completed an evaluation or treatment program through a non-RNP provider on my own, through my employment or as part of a court-ordered program?

The Final Order often allows for the review of previous evaluation or treatment to determine if the previous evaluation or treatment would fulfill the requirements of the order; however, treatment outside the RNP network or outside the provisions of the Final Order is reviewed on an individual basis to determine if it satisfies the requirements of the Final Order.

How will I know which provider I can use for participation in the RNP?

When you contact the RNP administrator, you will be given information on providers in your area.