McKay Scholarships

McKay Scholarship Parent Information

Eligibility for the McKay Scholarship

Find out if your child could qualify for the McKay Scholarship Program.

Apply for a McKay Scholarship - Attention: Applications for the 2021-22 school year are now being accepted.

This application process also conducts an initial eligibility screening.

If you are applying for a foster child that was not enrolled in Florida public school during the October and February attendance surveys, then click here.

Check Student Intent Status

The public school district office completes the eligibility screening process and enters an eligibility determination for each student intent filed.

Now What? (PDF)

This handy brochure is provided to each parent/guardian who files intent for a McKay Scholarship.

McKay Parent Responsibilities

Parents, private schools, and school districts each have specific responsibilities under the McKay Scholarship Program.

McKay Scholarship Payment Deadlines

Intent and enrollment deadlines for McKay Scholarship payments to private schools.

Parent Affidavit form (PDF)

This form must be completed by the parent or guardian of a McKay student enrolled in a participating private school.

Participating Parent Login

Once your McKay student is enrolled in a participating private school, use this secure login to view the school’s fee schedule and to keep your contact information up to date.

McKay Scholarship Program FAQs