School Choice

Florida Statute and Administrative Code

Florida Home Education Programs

Section 1002.41, Florida Statutes F.S. Home education programs

Florida Private Schools

Section 1002.42, F.S. Private Schools

Scholarship Accountability

(applies to private schools participating in FTC, McKay, and the Gardiner Scholarship)

Section 1002.421, F.S. Accountability of private schools participating in state school choice scholarship programs

Rule 6A-6.03315, Florida Administrative Code F.A.C. Private School Scholarship Compliance

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Section 1002.395, F.S. Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Rule 6A-6.0960, F.A.C. Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program

McKay Scholarship Program

Section 1002.39, F.S. The John M. McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program

Rule 6A-6.0970, F.A.C. The John M. McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program

Opportunity Scholarship Program

Section 1002.38, F.S. Opportunity Scholarship Program

Rule 6A-6.0950, F.A.C. Notice Requirements for Opportunity Scholarship Program

Gardiner Scholarship

Section 1002.385, F.S. The Gardiner Scholarship

Rule 6A-6.0961, F.A.C. The Gardiner Scholarship

Hope Scholarship Program

Section 1002.40, F.S. Hope Scholarship Program

Rule 6A.60951, F.A.C. Hope Scholarship Program

Reading Scholarship Accounts

Section 1002.411, F.S. Reading Scholarship Accounts

Rule 6A.6.0962, F.A.C. Reading Scholarship Accounts

Sales Tax Credit Scholarship

Section 212.099, F.S. Florida Sales Tax Credit Scholarship

Family Empowerment Scholarship Program

Section 1002.394, F.S. Family Empowerment Scholarship Program

Rule 6A-6.0952, F.A.C. Family Empowerment Scholarship Program