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Florida Tax Credit Scholarships
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FTC for Private Schools

FTC Annual Assessment Requirement

Requirements for Participating in State Scholarship Programs

Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program FAQs

New Agreed Upon Procedure Guidelines

Private schools that receive funding under FTC, FES, Hope and/or McKay scholarship programs are now required to submit a report from an independent certified public accountant who performs the agreed-upon procedures developed pursuant to s. 1002.395(6)(o), F.S. if the private school received more than $250,000 in scholarship funds. The private school must submit the report by September 15 to the scholarship funding organization that awarded the majority of the school’s scholarship funds. A school that received more than $250,000 in scholarship funds only through the McKay Scholarship must submit the annual report to the Department of Education.

New Requirement for Private School Owners

Effective July 1, 2018, each owner or operator of the private school must undergo a level 2 background screening. The fingerprints for the background screening must be electronically submitted to the Department of Law Enforcement and may be taken by an authorized law enforcement agency or a private company who is trained to take fingerprints. The complete set of fingerprints of an owner or operator may not be taken by the owner or operator. The owner or operator shall provide a copy of the results of the state and national criminal history check to the Department of Education.