Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools

Welcome to the Healthy Schools webpage! Our Vision is "Florida's Children: Healthy, Fit and Ready to Learn." Healthy Schools encompasses two curriculum content areas: Health Education and Physical Education and the following projects; Statewide Online Tobacco Prevention Teacher Training and Florida Youth Survey.

Health Education State Board Rule Information

In November 2020, the State Board of Education updated the Required Instruction Rule (6A-1.094124) to include the three rules related to health education. The new reporting procedure includes a requirement to use the online Florida Required Instruction Reporting Portal available at By December 1, 2020, district plans for the three health topics of 1) mental and emotional health, 2) substance use and abuse and 3) child trafficking prevention must be submitted using the portal. Use of the portal does not affect the content districts are required to submit, only the method. Plans are still required to be posted on district webpages, but the requirement to submit to the department via email has been removed and replaced by the portal. The memorandum regarding this update sent from Chancellor Jacob Oliva on November 20, 2020 is linked here.

Professional Development Opportunities

Tobacco Prevention Program

The Tobacco Prevention Program has provided professional development opportunities to over 3,000 Florida educators and school nurses over the last decade. The program is sponsored by the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Department of Education and all courses are approved by both departments. The primary purpose of the Tobacco Prevention Program is to impact students with tobacco prevention lessons and messages. This program offers the following courses for educators:

  • 10 Point ENDS Course: This course takes approximately 10 hours to complete and is open to all school employees including both instructional and non-instructional. This course provides in-depth information on ENDS devices (electronic nicotine delivery systems) and vaping.
  • 20 Point CEU Nurse Course: This course takes 20 hours of coursework and is designed for school nurses but is open to all Florida nurses. This course provides in-depth information about big tobacco’s manipulative marketing strategies, the health hazards of tobacco and nicotine use, and how to present prevention information to students.
  • 30 Point Course: This course takes 30 hours of coursework and is self-paced. This course provides 30 professional development points.
  • 60 Point Course: This course takes 60 hours of coursework and is self-paced. This course provides 60 professional development points.

Please visit Florida Tobacco Prevention Training for more information.

Healthy Schools Summer Academy

The Office of Healthy Schools hosts the Summer Academy annually to provide professional development for physical and health educators. This event includes educators from all over Florida, and presenters that highlight a wealth of knowledge and resources for physical and health education programs. The date of this event is TBD for June 2022.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Lesson Plans

The Florida Department of Health has comprehensive unit lessons based on the 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Survey data.

  • Lesson plan units include:
    • Bullying and School Safety
    • Mental Health
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Nutrition
    • Substance Use and Abuse

The lessons are published on the Florida Department of Health Youth Risk Behavior Survey website, under “Reports and Products.”

Teaching Students With Disabilities for Physical Education Online Course

This self-paced, online professional development course provides physical educators information about the foundations of exceptional student education, the provision of services for students with disabilities, and instructional practices that can be used not only for students with disabilities, but with all students. The suggested in-service hours for this course are 20. This should allow educators who successfully complete this course to meet the renewal requirement of one semester hour (which is equivalent to 20 in-service points) in teaching students with disabilities (SWD) needed for recertification. Please note that all educators must get approval from their school district contact for professional development to ensure all district level processes are followed and what documentation is needed before registering and/or beginning this course.

Steps to register and enroll in the Teaching Students With Disabilities for Physical Education Online Course:

  • Go to
  • Select the blue box under “Independent Study Courses” to sign in and begin the registration process.
  • Select the link for “New user? Register here!” to begin the registration process.
  • After registering and signing in, select the option for “Available” at the top to see a list of all available courses.
  • Scroll down and select the course titled Teaching Students with Disabilities for Physical Education.
  • Select the green box titled “Complete Demographic Info and Enroll in Course”.
  • Read the information related to receiving In-service points and select the green box “Agree to terms”.
  • Fill out the enrollment information and select the green box “Submit to enroll”.
  • Once enrolled, click on the Teaching Students with Disabilities for Physical Education course and begin the course by taking the pre-assessment.

Staff Contact Information

Kelly Aaronson
Health Education Specialist
Phone: 850-245-1826