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Fixed Capital Outlay
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Fixed Capital Outlay Staff

Sandra Sidwell - Fixed Capital Outlay Director
Phone: 850-245-9245

Responsibilities: Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the office. Coordinates with the Governor's Budget Office, House and Senate Budget Staff, and the Department of Education regarding Budgets, Florida Statute revisions, and revisions to State Board Rules relating to Capital Outlay funding. Coordinates with the Division of Bond Finance for the sale of Bonds, to fund Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO), and Capital Outlay and Debt Service (CO&DS) and lottery appropriations. Supervises staff with regard to encumbrance authorizations and cash disbursement requests submitted by all education agencies. Oversees Capital Outlay and Debt Service Funds (CO & DS) Motor Vehicle License Revenue (MVLR). Prepares the K-20 Fixed Capital Outlay Legislative Budget Request. Prepares/Maintains the PECO Annual Capital Projects Plan. Analyzes and develops legislation regarding funding for educational facilities.

Cyrilla Hackley - Educational Consultant
Phone: 850-245-9248

Responsibilities: Coordinates the disbursement of funds for fixed capital outlay programs. Prepares reconciliations of accounts and special reports. Administers the Qualified Zone Academy Bond Program and the Qualified Public Educational Facilities Program. Oversees the distribution for the Charter School Fixed Capital Outlay program. Prepares the annual cost of construction report for school districts and post-secondary institutions.

Tonya Gant - Educational Consultant
Phone: 850-245-5125

Responsibilities: Coordinates the disbursement of funds for fixed capital outlay programs. Administers the Special Facility Construction Account program. Prepares funding needs projections. Manages the investments and liquidation of funds. Monitors and enters data pertinent to Encumbrance Authorizations. Coordinates with Administrator and Educational Consultants in regards to budgetary input into the Educational Facilities Accounting Information System (EFAIS).