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2015-16 Student Information System
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Federal/State Compensatory Project Evaluation

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2015-2016 Federal/State Compensatory Project Evaluation

  1. Submit a separate record during reporting period 5 for each student who participated in a Title I Targeted Assistance; Title I Local Neglected/Delinquent (Title I, Part A, Set-Aside); Title I Homeless (Title I, Part A Set-Aside) in non-Title I schools; Title I/Title I Migrant; or Title III Immigrant Children and Youth education program during the school year and, if applicable, the summer session. Use School Number, Current Instruction/Service 9995 for Title I, Part A private school students, 9992 for Title I, Part C private school students, or 9993 for Title I, Part C (Migrant) students served in a home education setting. NOTE: It is not necessary to submit records for students in Title I School-wide programs.

  2. TERM: To show the student participated in a program during the regular school year, use code 3 (annual). To indicate summer participation, use S (Combined Summer Session). If the student participated in both regular school year and summer school sessions, send separate records indicating the correct term.

  3. FEDERAL/STATE PROJECT, AREA AND MODEL: Students who are served in Migrant Continuation of Services should be coded as Title I Migrant (Part C) or Title I Basic (Part A) blended with Title I Migrant (Part C) in the Project Type. Students who are served by Local Neglected or Delinquent or Homeless (in non-Title I schools) should be coded with Title I Basic - Part A.

  4. Reporting Instructional (Subject Area) and Support Services is required for students in Title I Targeted Assistance, Homeless (Title I, Part A, Set-Aside) in non-Title I schools, and Title I Migrant only. Additionally, reporting instructional services (Subject Area) is required for students in Local Neglected or Delinquent (Title I, Part A, Set-Aside). If a student received services at more than one school during the year, send a record for each school where the student was served.  

  5. FEDERAL/STATE PROJECT - SUPPORT SERVICES: Up to four support service codes may be reported for students receiving Title I Basic – Part A (reported for Targeted Assistance schools only), Students who are homeless (in non-Title I schools) or Title I Migrant services. With the exception of "Z", a support service code may be used only once. If the Title I Migrant participant received any counseling services, report that service first. That is, Attendance, Guidance, Psychological Services (A), Outreach, Advocacy (O) or Social Work (S) services take priority in reporting Migrant-provided Federal/State Project – Support Services

  6. IMMIGRANT STUDENT SERVICES: Report each type of service the immigrant student received using the positional fields specified for each code. If a student did not receive the specified service use code “Z.” 

  7. KEY FIELDS: The key fields for this format are item numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. If a key field needs to be changed, the record must be deleted and re-submitted as an added record.

  8. ERROR CODES: This field is used by the Department to report to districts the specific errors found in the record during the state edit process.  This field should contain filler (spaces, blanks) when the record is transmitted to the Department. .

' * ' indicates key fields. (Click on the link to view or download a pdf version of the document)

Item No. From-To Size Field Char. Field Description
1 1-2 2 N/R District Number, Current Instruction/Service *
2 3-6 4 A/N/R School Number, Current Instruction/Service *
3 7-16 10 A/N Student Number Identifier, Florida *
4 17-17 1 A/N Survey Period Code - Always '5' *
5 18-21 4 N School Year *
6 22-26 5 A/N Federal/State Project, Area and Model *
7 27-27 1 A Transaction Code
8 28-28 1 A/N Term *
9 29-32 4 A/N Federal/State Project - Support Services
10 33-33 1 A Migrant Referred Services
11 34-34 1 A Migrant Priority for Services
12 35-35 1 A/N Immigrant Student Services - Code L
13 36-36 1 A/N Immigrant Student Services - Code S
14 37-37 1 A/N Immigrant Student Services - Code A
15 38-38 1 A/N Immigrant Student Services - Code C
16 39-39 1 A/N Immigrant Student Services - Code M
17 40-40 1 A/N Immigrant Student Services - Code D
18 41-41 1 A/N Immigrant Student Services - Code F
19 42-42 1 A/N Immigrant Student Services - Code B
20 43-43 1 A/N Immigrant Student Services - Code R
21 44-44 1 A/N Immigrant Student Services - Code T
22 45-45 1 A/N Immigrant Student Services - Code O
23 46-46 1 A Migrant Continuation of Services
24 47-60 14 A/N Florida Education Identifier
25 61-62 2 A/N Filler
26 63-72 10 A/N Student Number Identifier, Local
27 73-80 8 A/N Filler/Error Codes

Last Updated: 9/1/2015