Physical Education

Physical Education Updates & Google Forms

This webpage contains information and resources related to physical education instruction. The August webinar included a Florida Department of Education (FDOE) update and a presentation on the use of Google Forms to measure student success in physical education.  The FDOE update included information on legislation, the SHAPE Florida conference and free physical education resources. The Google Forms presentation included exploring Google Forms in physical education, how to create and share Google Forms, how to create a short URL, and how to collect data from a Google Form.


Nichole Wilder, Physical Education Coordinator
Ashley Palelis, Computer Science Specialist

Desired outcomes:

  • Florida Department of Education physical education updates
  • Utilize technology to assess physical education standards and benchmarks
  • Understand the benefits and role of technology in the classroom
  • Learn how to create and share a Google Form
  • Convert a web address to a short URL
  • Locate and use Google Form data


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