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2023-24 CTE Curriculum Frameworks
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Law Public Safety & Security

Important Update Impacting CTE High School Credit-Bearing Courses:

SB 240 (2023) s. 1003.4282(3)(e), F.S., modified the options for a student to complete required credits to earn a standard high school diploma. The practical arts option in the required credit in fine or performing arts, speech and debate or practical arts was replaced with the option to complete one credit in CTE to satisfy the required credit. This change is effective for the 2023-2024 school year. Except for CTE courses that fulfill equally rigorous science (EQ), mathematics (MA), economics (EC), or personal financial literacy (PL), all other 9-12 CTE courses will fulfill the one credit graduation requirement.

In August 2023, the State Board of Education approved the Course Code Directory, which now includes the new “CT” code. The “CT” code satisfies the one credit in fine or performing arts, speech and debate or career and technical education high school graduation requirement, pursuant to s. 1003.4282, F.S. All grades 9-12 and 30-31 high school credit bearing career and technical education courses in section 5 of the Course Code Directory are coded as CT.

The 2023-24 curriculum frameworks were published in February 2023, several months prior to the passage of the legislation. Please note, the frameworks still identify “PA” codes that were effective at the time. The 2024-25 frameworks will contain the necessary conforming changes.

Important Information about SOC codes in the Postsecondary Curriculum Frameworks:

Due to a complete restructuring of Florida’s CIP to SOC assignments, the SOC code field in the 2023-24 frameworks contains a note that these assignments are “Pending”. Please refer to the Florida CIP to SOC crosswalk that is now available on the CTE Program Resources webpage. This crosswalk identifies the primary and secondary (if applicable) SOC code assignments. It is planned that the 2024-25 frameworks will contain a web link to the crosswalk to allow users to view the most recent approved CIP to SOC assignments.

For more information about these curriculum frameworks, contact the State Supervisor for Law, Public Safety & Security Education at 850-245-9020.

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