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Access Management

Brock Richardson

The Access Management group is responsible for the Creation/Suspension and changes to any DOE Network accounts. This includes but is not limited to the list below:

  • Network Customer Account - they provide drive mappings and access to files and folders
  • Outlook 365 E-mail Accounts
  • Remedy Force User Accounts
  • Teacher Certification Accounts
  • VPN Accounts
  • Dialup Accounts
  • Create data sets and maintain ACF2, DB2, and CICS security. Creates and suspends NWRDC customer accounts and performs new copy requests
  • Distribution lists and calendars with approval of Division Security Officer
  • Quarterly reconciliation reports of accounts

In addition the group updates program area drives and the Department's shared K: drive with read/write/modify permissions on various file system folders as requested by data owners.

The Access Management group works with the Department's Information Security Manager to maintain the security of the Department of Education's network.