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Certificate Pathways & Routes
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Certified Teacher Or Administrator

Reciprocity for Out-of-state Teachers and Administrators

Florida has two reciprocity routes for certified teachers and administrators to qualify for our Professional Certificate.

Route 1: Valid Standard Certificate Issued by a State Other than Florida

  • The certificate shall be the valid standard educator's certificate issued by that state which is comparable to a Florida Professional Certificate, and
  • Be issued in a subject comparable to a Florida certification subject, and
  • Require the same or higher level of training required for certification in that subject in Florida, and
  • The certificate must be currently valid (not expired or revoked).

Route 2: Certificate Issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)

  • The NBPTS certificate must be currently valid.
  • The Florida certificate will reflect the Florida subject considered comparable to the NBPTS subject.

Begin the Process

  • If you feel you meet the requirements for one of our reciprocity routes, then begin the "Steps to Certification" by clicking on the link below. You will apply for a Florida Professional Certificate in the same subject/s shown on your valid out-of-state or NBPTS certificate.
  • If you no longer hold a certificate from another state or the NBPTS, then begin the "Steps to Certification" by clicking on the link below. You will apply for a Florida Temporary Certificate in your bachelor's or higher degree major or in the subject area of your teacher education program.

Need help with determining the Florida subject that matches your out-of-state certificate? See our list of Florida certification subjects and our chart of Florida subjects that compare to NBPTS certification areas.

Want to learn more about the certificates and the requirements to qualify? See our section titled "Certificate Types and Requirements" for a breakdown of the qualifications and the options for becoming eligible for certification.

Begin the Steps to Certification

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