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Adding a Subject To a Professional

To add a subject coverage to a valid Florida Professional Certificate, you must:

  1. Submit a complete online application (a complete application includes the appropriate processing fee), and
  2. Demonstrate mastery of subject knowledge in the subject you wish to add.

Note: Certification requirements are subject to change! It is essential that you apply for the additional subject before you begin completing requirements. To ensure that you are completing the required steps to add the subject to your certificate, the Bureau of Educator Certification will provide you with a Statement of Status of Eligibility that officially outlines the requirements you need to complete for that subject. The Bureau cannot guarantee your path to eligibility for the subject until your application form has been received and completed.

Options for Demonstrating Mastery of Subject Area Knowledge

  • For all subject areas:
    • Hold a valid standard out-of-state certificate in the subject area applied for issued by a US state or territory (See Reciprocity), or
    • Hold a valid certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) in the same subject (See Chart).

      Note: Acceptability of your out-of-state certificate(s) will be determined by the Bureau through the application process.

  • For subject areas for which no Florida subject area test has been developed or approved: Completion of the required degree and content courses listed in State Board Rule for the subject you are adding and verification from your employing superintendent that you have successfully demonstrated the subject matter competencies in your school environment.

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