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Home Education
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Home Education Statutes

Statutory requirements relating to home education are listed below:

Section 1001.21, Florida Statutes (F.S.) Office of Private School and Home Education Programs

Section 1002.01, F.S. Home Education Program Defined

Section 1002.20, F.S. K-12 Student and Parent Rights

Section 1002.41, F.S. Home Education Programs

Section 1003.26, F.S. Enforcement of School Attendance

Section 1003.27, F.S.  Court Procedures and Penalties

Section 1006.15, F.S.  Student Standards for Participation in Interscholastic and Intraschoolastic Extracurricular Student Activities; Regulation

Section 1007.263, F.S.  Florida College System Institutions; Admission of Students

Section 1007.271, F.S.  Dual Enrollment Programs

Section 1009.53, F.S.  Bright Futures Scholarship Program

Section 1009.538, F.S. Bright Futures Scholarship Recipients Attending Nonpublic Institutions

Other Related Legislation and State Board of Education Rules 

Rule 6A-1.09941, F.A.C., State Uniform Transfer of credits of Students in Middle Grades and High School

Rule 6A-20.028, F.A.C., Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program