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Interested In Teaching?

Throughout Florida, state and community colleges offer many ways for individuals to receive the necessary training to become highly effective certified teachers. Whether you are just starting your educational journey or looking to make a career switch into teaching, our state and community colleges provide the paths to the necessary certification.

Florida offers two types of educator certificates: the Temporary Certificate and a Professional Certificate. To be eligible for either option, individuals must have earned a bachelor’s degree, along with other requirements, which can be found at Florida Department of Education's Educator Certification Office. The three opportunities below assist students in meeting those additional requirements to receive an educator certificate.

Option 1: Initial Teacher Preparation Programs

Initial Teacher Preparation Programs (ITPs) are offered by Florida postsecondary institutions to prepare individuals to qualify for an initial Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate. Many of Florida’s state colleges offer ITPs, with candidates in ITPs working towards completion of a baccalaureate degree in education.

Option 2: Educator Preparation Institutes

Educator Preparation Institutes (EPIs) provide an alternate route to teacher certification for mid-career professionals and college graduates who were not education majors. Students with a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university may enter an EPI program, which consists of competency-based instruction, to prepare to take the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE) in Professional Preparation and Education Competence. Students must also demonstrate General Knowledge and Subject Area Competence. (General Knowledge and Subject Area instruction is not covered by EPI programs; subject area varies, depending on student’s baccalaureate preparation.)

Option 3: Professional Development Certification Programs

Professional Development Certification Programs (PDCPs) are offered by Florida public school districts, charter schools or charter management organizations to provide instruction for members of its instructional staff who are non-education baccalaureate or higher degree holders, resulting in qualification for an initial Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate.

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