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Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems
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ARRA Grant FY 09 (Round 3)

In 2008, Florida submitted an application for the Fiscal Year 2009 (FY09) grant in the series of SLDS grants from the Institute of Education Sciences. This grant is often referred to as "Round 3" internally. Because Florida already had a well-established SLDS, Florida took the opportunity to submit an application that will provide enhancements to the SLDS so that external researchers have better access to the data. These enhancements will enable education policy to move forward through informed research and data-driven decision making. Florida was awarded $2,450,000 for the enhancements.

Florida's Grant Award from the ARRA: $2.45 million

Project Timeframe: 5 years - July 2009 - June 2014

Florida's Proposed Objectives

  1. Data Governance Process Goal: Formalize data governance throughout the department to increase data quality and consistency
    • Data governance exists in pockets around the department
    • Create formal data governance to be consistent throughout the department
    • Create a process to develop standardized definitions and calculations
  2. Upgrade Metadata Management Tool
    Goal: Upgrade to a more modern metadata management tool to track information determined through the data governance process and necessary to appropriately maintain our systems
    • Our current metadata management tool is homegrown or in Microsoft Word
  3. Sandbox
    Goal: Provide data to approved researchers in a more efficient manner
    • Create a more automated extraction method to provide researchers with data in a more timely manner
    • Work in concert with the automated approval process
  4. Automated Approval Process
    Goal: Automate the external data request process to make it more efficient for external requester and FLDOE staff
    • Create a tool where external requesters can submit their request and a workflow is initiated in FLDOE to approve the request
    • Upon approval, a job will be started that will automatically extract the information from the sandbox and place it in a secure location for the researcher to access and download