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2015-16 Student Information System
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Student Transportation

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2015-2016 Student Transportation

  1. Submit this record in Survey periods 1-4 for any PK-12 student in membership during survey week who is assigned to a school bus, passenger car or other vehicle and was transported at least once during the five-day survey period or the preceding six scheduled days.

  2. A student may be counted only once and only on one mode of travel, even if more than one mode is used.

  3. The district must have a policy regarding reporting of students who transfer from one bus to another during survey week either on the sending or receiving bus. For example, a student transported from home to school and then to a vocational center may only be counted once.

  4. Students who are transported by general purpose transportation (city buses, trains, etc.) or privately owned motor vehicles or boats (for isolated or disabled students) are reported as any other transported students.

  5. For students transported to another district to receive instruction submit a Student Transportation format only. Report the number of the district supplying the transportation in the element District Number, Current Instruction/Service and the number of the district supplying the instruction in District Number, Current Enrollment.
  6. ERROR CODES: This field is used by the Department to report to districts the specific errors found in the record during the state edit process.  This field should contain filler (spaces, blanks) when the record is transmitted to the Department.

  7. KEY FIELDS: The key fields for this format are item numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. If a key field needs to be changed, the record must be deleted and re-submitted as an add.

' * ' indicates key fields. (Click on the link to view or download a pdf version of the document)

Item No. From-To Size Field Char. Field Description
1 1-2 2 N/R District Number, Current Instruction/Service *
2 3-12 10 A/N Student Number Identifier, Florida *
3 13-13 1 A/N Survey Period Code *
4 14-17 4 N Fiscal Year *
5 18-18 1 A/N Year-Round/Extended School Year FTE Indicator *
6 19-21 3 N Days In Term (For FTE Purposes)
7 22-22 1 A Transportation Membership Category
8 23-23 1 A Vehicle Category
9 24-35 12 A/N Bus Number
10 36-50 15 A/N Bus Route Number
11 51-51 1 A Transaction Code
12 52-53 2 N/R District Number, Current Enrollment
13 54-59 6 N Hazardous Walking
14 60-62 3 A/N Filler
15 63-72 10 A/N Student Number Identifier, Local
16 73-86 14 A/N Florida Education Identifier
17 87-152 66 A/N Filler
18 153-160 8 A/N Filler/Error Codes

Last Updated: 7/1/2015